Two minute training

Here’s an idea – give out role cards to everyone before a sim scenario listing the tasks you want them to achieve in the first two minutes of a crisis….then see how much more efficiently the team performs compared to normal…

TMT MobilesimRun the scenario a few times (‘Practice Until Perfect’ or PUP Training) to get maximum benefit.

Click on the picture for your free role cards!

Print them out, fold in half, laminate in A5 pouches. You’re welcome 😉

By popular request – here’s the Powerpoint version

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5 Responses to Two minute training

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  2. gpsimulation says:

    Thanks, I used my own version today for the general practice team – GPs, registrars, Practice Nurse, receptionist. It worked well to prompt people and suggest roles within the impromptu team.
    I adapted to general practice roles:

  3. mobilesim says:

    Sure. I’ll upload the powerpoint

  4. Anonymous says:

    These are great and I would love to use them in our training. Is there a way to be able to edit them to fit our local procedure?

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