Centre for Medical Simulation. The Simulation as a Teaching Tool Instructor Course, otherwise known as the ‘Harvard Course”, is regarded by many as the ‘gold-standard’ instructor’s course. Based in Boston, it is also held in Australia every year.

Intensive Care Network – an Australian website and forum for ICU trainees. Rapidly expanding with useful content.

Critical Care Airway Management – another font of airway related resources to accompany the CCAM course – which combines technical skills training and in-situ simulation in advanced airway management.

Clinical Human Factors Group – Martin Bromiley’s campaign group, promoting the role of human factors in clinical, managerial and organisational healthcare practice.

ANTS Homepage – contains the ANTS handbook and references as pdf files.

iTeachEM – Rogers, Nickson, Cadogan on medical education…

Recommended reading: Safety at the Sharp End by Flin et al -the bible of human factors training.

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