Simulation Training

Alinier – Developing High-Fidelity Simulation Scenarios A guide for educators. A comprehensive guide to creating scenarios.

Andreatta 2012 – Simulated codes improve outcome at real paediatric codes.

Cook 2011 – Sim Works JAMA Meta-analysis.

Cumin 2010 – sets out some “standards” for simulators. In an ideal world….?

Draycott 2006 – Simulation improves neonatal outcomes. The landmark study which was the first to show that simulation can improve patient outcomes.

Donaldson CMO Report 2008 – Sir Liam wants more Sim training and tells us it works!

Issenberg 2005 – Review of Simulation Training.

McGaghie meta analysis – Simulation works 2011 – simulated medical training with repeated practice beats conventional training over a wide range of procedural skills..

Orledge 2012 – The benefits of Sim in Healthcare.

Riley 2011 – In situ simulation improves perinatal outcome. Another study showing the benefits of simulation training on perinatal outcome – this time with in-situ training.

Schroedl 2012 – Sim works in ICU.

Steineman 2011. In situ Training for Trauma Teams.

Walker 2012 – in-situ unannounced codes.

Weinstock et al 2009 – low-cost in-situ Sim training using a cart.. the publication that inspired mobilesim.

Wheeler 2009 – time to organise critical incident training..

Human Factors

Bromiley case Harmer’s report 2006 – the tragic case that every anaesthetist should read. A good motivator that human factors training makes sense…

Bromiley HealthCare risk 2009 – if the above wasn’t enough, Martin Bromiley challenges us to get on board with human factors..

Bion BJA 2010 – a human factors approach to safety in the critically ill..

Cuthbertson – a team performance framework for ICU CCM 09

De Vita 2005 – Improving MET team performance. Roles and Goals used to improve task completion and simulated patient outcome.

Reader BJA 2006 – human factors to blame for 50% of adverse incidents on ICU..

Siassakos 2009 – Effective Team Training Review.

Toff BJA 2010 – lessons from the airline industry..


Eppich – PEARLS 2015 – a very practical approach to debriefing for all types of sim training

Denning – ALSG debrief 2009 – a method of debriefing taken up by the Advanced Life Support Group. Beats “what went well? what could we improve on?”..

Rudolph 2007 – Debriefing with Good Judgement – a way of debriefing which challenges learners by inquiry while maintaining their psychological safety..

Rudolph 2008 – Debriefing as Formative Assessment. More from Jenny Rudolph et al on debriefing with good judgement.


Flin et al – Anaesthetists’ Non-Technical Skills Handbook.

Weller 2013 – Teamwork Measurement Tool for ICU.

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