GP Sim

GPSIMSimon Wilson, a Melbourne GP, has created a new blog relating his experiences with mobile simulation in and around his GP practice. He’s taken lo-fi sim to the next level! Take a look here

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Royal Berkshire In-Situ Sim Program

rbhAndrew Jacques, an old colleague of the mobilesim team, has set up an in-situ sim program at Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust.

Andrew has shared their first few scenarios – with a promise of more to come! See our scenarios page.

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MET Team Simulation


The team at the Austin Hospital in Melbourne are developing a Sim Program for their in-house Medical Emergency Team. In the spirit of FOAMed, they are sharing their scenarios.

Click here for the first instalments – and look out for more to come…

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Free Sim Moulage Book

Check out this group of FOAMEd Simmers!

They have a Facebook page you can join where you can download a free on-line moulage book. I had no idea you can simulate so many types of poo.

Moulage book

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FOAMed Simulation Scenarios

In the spirit of FOAMed, there are now loads of free simulation scenarios out there for your inspiration. Here’s a few of the best offerings:

The Oxford Deanery Scenarios (multiple specialities)

The Sim Tech

EM Sim Cases

Royal College of Emergency Medicine UK

EM Sim Cases

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Two minute training

Here’s an idea – give out role cards to everyone before a sim scenario listing the tasks you want them to achieve in the first two minutes of a crisis….then see how much more efficiently the team performs compared to normal…

TMT MobilesimRun the scenario a few times (‘Practice Until Perfect’ or PUP Training) to get maximum benefit.

Click on the picture for your free role cards!

Print them out, fold in half, laminate in A5 pouches. You’re welcome 😉

By popular request – here’s the Powerpoint version

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Making a fluid drainage system for your manikin

This allows drugs and fluids to be given in real time which enhances realism dramatically. A leak-proof central line / PA catheter can be made using a RIC (rapid infusion catheter):



A leak-proof IV cannula can be made with Comfeel dressings:


photo (8)

photo (7)

photo (2)

These can then be plumbed together into a dialysis ultrafiltrate bag with a Luer lock and a tap for emptying:


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Increasing buy-in to your Sim program

A few random tips to keep the interest up:

  1. Make it interdisciplinaryIMG_3133c
  2. Do everything you can to increase realism
  3. Have blood making parties
  4. Publish your data – even if it’s just on posters around the unit
  5. Make videos and use them for training


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